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The Tennessee Valley Association of Longhorn Breeders (TVA) began in 2001 with a small group of dedicated breeders with the perpetuation of the Longhorn breed in mind. The group began as the brain child of Jody Shaw who had just recently moved to middle Tennessee from Ohio and wanted to see if there were enough breeders in the area who had the same interests. Jody scheduled a spring field day at her farm and invited breeders from several adjoining states. Officers were elected, a charter was written up and the affiliate became official. The TVA covers the Tennessee Valley but welcomes members from everywhere. We currently have members from Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee.

The TVA has held an annual field day each spring where members and anyone else who wants to attend can get together and enjoy the fellowship of other Longhorn breeders and enthusiasts. We have a chili cook off, a silent auction and have our general membership meeting and a Longhorn heifer raffle. Since that time, the group which is an affiliate of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA) has held an annual spring show and has added several other yearly events. We now have a show in August at the Williamson County Fair in Franklin, TN and an annual Christmas get together. Plans are now in the works for a fall event as well. This fall field day will be held at an exposition center and breeders from everywhere can come and show case their breeding programs by bringing some of their best animals to show off or to even swap or sale by private treaty. Of course, anytime we get together we always have good food to enjoy with the fellowship.

 The TVA affiliate still has a small but active group of members who work hard each year to help get the word out about this great breed of cattle. Over the years members have come and gone but the core group of original members have continued to support other local affiliate events and TLBAA sales and events. If you have ever been intrigued by the Longhorn breed and think that you would like to have some or even if you live in town and would just like to see some Longhorn cattle please feel free to contact one of the members listed here on the site or better yet come to one of our scheduled events and see how these dedicated breeders and their cattle interact. Just like this unique breed of cattle, Texas Longhorn breeders are some of the nicest folks in the world.

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